Friday, December 4, 2015

I Got A Letter From Elder Jones ;) tears of joy I miss him so much

Mommy Jones!!! Please don't feel bad at all about the bags. I have everything I need here and feel more at home with these elders that have had a lot of the same confusions while trying to pack. The MTC is great! My companions name is Elder Kimball and what a blessing he is! Yes he is related to President Spencer W. Kimball! :) The miracle of this week is first that I have a companion, second The language is coming along. Slowly but it's making sense, and I'm intensely focused. No thoughts of family or friends have been distracting from my work! I wish I was in the field already because then I'd REALLY have some miracles to share with you but until then I'll be sure to get creative. ;)

So I read my setting apart blessing last night and found tons of errors. I was holding back giggles and loving images of my tired mommy wearily typing away late at night. I can still understand most of it but I would love if you would go back and edit some key words to make reading it easier and more spiritual. I love you for typing it up for me so quickly and definitely miss joking around with you. I was trying to explain you to my companions last night but had a hard time doing it. What they all got from that discussion is that I'll be married really young, not sure how but I'M FINE WITH THAT! 

So back to the language. I am working on it and haven't had too much time to study or put forth very much effort but as far as prayer and desires go I feel golden. However, I need each of you to pray for me. Anyone that can. Ask them to excersice their faith in my behalf and as Elder Bednar teaches pray for the gift of tongues. God gave me such a faith-filled family for a reason and now I'm calling upon that collective faith deservingly. I love you all very much and want you to know that you're in my heart always. The love that I have learned from each of you flows through me as I strive to teach, testify, and inspire others to come unto Christ. Please pray for me to have the gift of tongues and the gift of love.
 As always don't worry about me. I'm in the service of almighty God.
Your boy, Elder Jones

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