Monday, December 19, 2016

Zone conference 12/18/2016

I love being so close to the water all day long this is the best area so far because the waves actually break on the shore everywhere else they break like half a mile out off the coast because of the reef.

 So here's to answer your question about what my companion looks like. This is just a couple little memories from the last couple of weeks.
One is of us planning at night we had changed out of our clothes because we walked home in the rain to do our weekly planning so we just hung it all up to dry and put on those. 
The other is of our zone conference which was really just a district conference because President doesn't let disobedient missionaries come to meetings so we had heaps of people not attend. It was still a great time though. We had our meeting at a super nice Chinese restaurant in town, and then went shopping at the market and finished with caroling at the hospital. We had a good time.

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