Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4th

l feel super lame because I'm almost out of time and haven't written you anything. THis week was a bit of a bumpy one though... Me and my companion had to work through some differences and I've learned a lot about being a companion because of it. We finally got it all worked out and its all good though. Really though I'm super grateful for our zone leaders because they were a huge help with the two of us. I know that called leaders are called of God in this church through the proper line of authority and they're a great help only once we ask for their help. Thats what we needed this last week or two. WE just needed to be honest with them each other and sincerely seek their help and Gods. So sorry that is such a lame update on this week but know that I love you, all is well and I'm stoked we're on the downhill slope now. I'll see you soon and be sure to find out about what the word is for our phone call on Christmas.
I love you mommy Jones! 

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