Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 11th 2016

So Elder Tauiliili and I were having a great Monday and all was well w were both about to take a little nap before having a FHE with a family and a bunch of cute kids then Elder Afualo calls us and says I'm getting transferred... I was so bumbed!!!!! WE had just started to work well together and were seeing eye to eye and now He's gone. Plus I had to pack everything in like like 1 hour but all my clothes were still hanging up to dry... Lame! But I'm here now and happy about it all because the area is awesome and my companion is sweet too. his name is Elder Johnson from Las Vegas and hes been out for 4 months. I really just think God likes to put me with newbies because I've only had one old guy and that was Afuvai but only for one transfer... I'm not complaining though all the new guys always want to do the work so they just make things super easy, the only downside is its hard for them to teach and communicate but its becoming normal and I feel like I'm getting pretty good at helping them learn this language.. Maybe not though I'm probably just a punk senior companion who only does what he wants to do... ;) 
But yeah I love it here! :) 
 So I'm in a new area now. its called Nuumau but I cover 4 villages its Elder Redds second area too which is kinda funny :) I cover Eva, salelesi, Fusi and saoluafata. ITs a gorgeous area. Theres tons of beaches and stuff and its so tempting to jump in. Theres even a little mini island that just adds to the beauty of it all. Plus this week we found this man whos basically walking to baptism. The field is white and already to harvest. I love it!! This area is so cool! :) ANy questions?

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