Monday, October 24, 2016

October 23

So conference this week was a blast with Elder Neilson! Chantelle and Nivon got baptized this Saturday which was a blast! ummm not sure what else to talk about. oh hey this morning we went to the gym because elder vest is a muscle man and we got some gains and then a niu.... So yeah we're basically the most shredded whit guys in the tristate area... ;) But anywho we're having the times of our lives out here and what you said about Elder Vest just really getting me, well he does so its the best and then Elder Ligaliga is a powerhouse when it comes to preaching to the samoans plus we're right around where all his family lives so like everyone knows him! I love you!!!!! Sorry we're crunched for time but all is well so no need to worry about me or us. I just got done making some french toast too! It was delicious

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