Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Things First

First things first is that Elder Vest Sends his love and says a big hi! He says you're amazing. I'm not sure how he knows this but he just didn't want me to forget it. ;)
Also Poto sends his regards. I'll explain him later... 
We've been having so much fun this week! I love it here! I'm so in love with the area and my companions and all the great people we get to work with each day, they've got hearts of gold! :) 
So this picture is of me and Poto. He's my here. He's got the best english I've heard in all of Samoa and he's just got a way with his words. Here's just a sample; "Some can some cannot can" "Make it till you make it" He's basically the source of all wisdom. The only problem is hes got voices in his head but as we keep talking with him they go away and he gets pretty happy :) We're like homies with him and this week we woke up early to take him some new Sunday clothes because If you can see behind the picture his house is just a little tent he made out of some junky tarps that he fastened to the side of a broken house. we brought him clothes so that he could come to conference but then he didn't come because he wated to go because of his desires not us which was respectable but the important thing is that he realized that baptism and the holy ghost is the way to be happy all the time and to get rid of the voices and the only way into heaven so he's really thinking hard about it. :) We love that guy! I can't wait to just tell you all stories about him at home because man he's funny! The first man I ever met here in Matautu. But yeah he always asks us to send his regards to everyone in the church headquarters and all the other missionaries so I'm just keeping my word because you're all my headquarters. 
But yeah that's basically the highlight of the week is Poto! We're going to go take some fala over to his house to make it a bit nicer for him. Hes also an artist! 
Pray for him please. :) 

THe firt one is of us eating dinner together at this little restaraunt called scoops because fafaga didn't show up. It was awesome but the french fries costed like 5 bucks each! It was nuts! We're regulars over there.
The other one just depicts the great elders I'm paired with. Elder Vest that... and Elder Ligaliga reacting. :) WE have a graet time together. Elder Ligaliga got put with us this wednesday I think but I'm not sure its just been a blur of FUN! We're tearing it up. Elder Ligaliga is from New Zealand and he's been out for a year on saturday that just passed. HE's a stud! 

THe third.... yeah... WE have a great time! He has a very soft cheek. ;) In the name of jesus christ amen...
THats all

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