Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16th

This week was great week! WE had tons of fun! We're all getting pretty scared that president is going to send one of us away pretty soon and We're pretty darn bummed because this companionship is just sooooooo fun!!!! I love it! :) This week we decided to only speak Samoan for a week and its been soooo fun. We were all a bit scared at first but then as we've gone on with it we're just having a blast! Its all because Elder Vest felt like he was stuck in the same spot with the language so then we talked him into that goal and I've seen so much progress in him so far! Its the coolest!!! :) Last night we all got back at like 10 pm from 6 hours of conference that we watched in Sauniatu which is like 1 and half hours away from our house where we watched conference. It was great but loooooooong.... Last night though we all just ended up sitting around for like 2 hours talking about all the favorite stuff we like about our mommies. Not sure how it started but Elder Vest and I are very much mommas boys! Its the best! So yeah we miss you guys! :) Other than that we set up 3 souls with baptismal dates so we're pretty stoked! One is this lady who lives at the bishops house, shes his sons wife and missionaries have been working on her for over 2 years. She told us though after accepting the date of the 29th!!!!! that with the other elders she never felt the spirit... Super sad but it just goes to show that God's work has to be done his way. For us as missionaries everything is outlined and if we don't follow it then we're out of the picture and out of the work. Even if we're just one minute late to waking u, or late to studies, or we're late home, or we don't plan, sing a worldly song. WE curse ourselves in so many "harmless" ways and then God has to curse us because God will not be mocked.. So yeah anyways we were pretty amazed and just stoked that she accepted the spirit she could feel with us and the truth's we were applying to her. 
So yeah that's the week. 
ps mommy Jones I think I somehow lost a bunch of pictures... all the ones I gave you guys already so be very careful with them okay? We've still got all the sd cards though so all is well but the computer won't let me safely eject the usb for whatever reason so I think last week it deleted like half of the pics. I'm just gonna shut it down and pull them out today though... 

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