Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Saying goodbye to Amanave, Hello Annuu!

 So to answer your questions Yes I am very safe as always, the move went very smoothly and we love our house, and yes the group is the same. Its just me and Elder Damuni, the sisters and sister Schwenke. President said he'll send more if he has missionaries available but for now its just us 5. all is going well though we said goodby to Amamnave on Sunday
and came here all in that one day. I miss Amanave but I'm also very excited to come here to Aunuu and be a part of all the exciting things going on here. The people are great and the branch will be a ward in no time! :) I have no doubt. There are so many people who are members with no records herein Aunuu and then a ton more people who are attending that haven't been baptized and those we've been working with already are making a lot of progress towards baptism. 
We don't teach school over here and even if we did it just got out like today or yesterday I think. At church we teach sometimes but not really because the church units here are pretty self proficient its just content that isn't the best a lot of times. 

The package still should get here in a bout the same amount of time but the Jordans will have to bring it over to us because we're not allowed to leave the island till the work here is done. Presidents order. ;)

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