Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17

That's a landslide that was blocking the road to fagamalo the village all the way at where the road ends. So they're WAAAAAY out there. That in the pictures is Brother Hamilton and his daughter Tiana who just moved in from salt lake and because their nice house their uncle promised is super messy and a bit destroyed they're living in the middle of no where where sister Hamilton's family is from. So that day we felt like we should go visit them and did. actually ever since word of the storm we've been felling like we should visit but every time we went in our car we couldn't get through due to the HUGE landslide but our car is in the shop so that day we decided to walk and found them all in the house with no food or water and apparently sister Hamilton had been "fasting"/not eating to save food for the kids since Sunday and that was Tuesday noonish.... So yeah that's basically the story but no the branch is helping them out and they've got what they need to live and their house should be getting renovated this week so they can move in next week. So yeah... That's the story. They're recent converts of about 5 years and got sealed within the last year or 2. Super powerful visit. :) Just listen close and the spirit tells you where to go. :)

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